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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Last Hurrah with the Sony Gang

The students from Sony and I got together for one last hurrah the other night. We went to my favorite conveyor belt sushi place for dinner. The 6 of us sat at a booth just barely big enough for us, and started at it. You can get your sushi in several various ways. The first being grabbing it off the conveyor belt as it goes by. Unless of course you are at the opposite end of the booth from the conveyor belt, in which case you yell "that one, that one" at the person sitting next to the conveyor belt. The person sitting next to the conveyor belt was me, and I'm pretty quick on the draw, so it worked out okay. You can also use the electronic menu and stylus to order, and your sushi will arrive on the conveyor belt with a little signboard with your table number on it, so nobody will take it first. You can also just yell at the cooks in the middle of the conveyor belt circle with your request. Or you can flag down a waitress. And we did all these things over and over. They charge you by the number of plates you have at the end. The 6 of us ate, drank and desserted all for less than 60 bucks. And we were stuffed. Then part two was to get silly and bowl. And we were really good at the first part, and sucked at the second part. I only broke 100 in one game out of three. But they were a lot of fun to play with. Yusuke is a wildman when throwing the ball, but he's got a lot of power, so it works for him. Toranosuke has only been bowling a few times in his life, and not at all for the last 11 years. So he was completely erratic, but was having such a good time, he kept us all laughing. Misato the mouse kept rolling the ball so slowing that I was afraid it would bounce off the pins. But sometimes when you bowl really slowly it works pretty well, cuz the pins just drop so randomly that they knock over more than they should. Yuko was pretty decent and would be good competition for me, should I be playing better than I did. And Yumi sucked, so sometimes we competed at who could suck the worst. In the last game we tied for worst score. Man, I can't believe how much laughing went on without any alcohol flowing. I might end up doing something with some of them again before I leave, but I'm not holding my breath. But it was a nice way to part, if it is indeed the last time we meet.


At 7:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another good picture. If I were a tourist in Japan I would never find out what the inside of a Japanes bowling alley looks like.Mum


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