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Friday, March 02, 2007

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

A few weeks ago I called up this other foreign woman I had met at a party and asked if she wanted some of the novels I had finished. She said "Sure, let's go out to lunch, too". So we went out to lunch, I gave her the books and we chatted. In the course of our discussion I mentioned that I was leaving in July and she became interested in my job. Later that day she applied for it. 2 weeks later I was informed that she had been offered the job. Sounds wonderful, right. Mr. M. gets a local woman, who knows how to live in Japan and speak some Japanese. My aquaintance gets to work for a consistant salary. Everybody's happy. Not so fast there, pardner. I get screwed. I bought all the furnishings in the aparto from my predecessor for $250.00. Most of it would not be things I needed. But the idea was I could sell the lot to the next teacher. Not to mention all the things that I did buy (tv stand, bookshelves, curtains, heater, electric blanket, etc.) But now I don't get to, because the new teacher already has a fully furnished apartment. Crap! Now, I have to try and sell everything. They don't have flea markets here, they don't have garage sales here. I have to tell you this is really stressing me out! I should get used to it, I usually draw the short straw in any deal.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger deenster said...

Have you heard of Tell and Sell? I have found it to be very useful when trying to get rid of things. There is a Yahoo group called TellandSellJapan that you can join. Happy selling!


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