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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Magic Ball

I call this little thing my magic ball. It's amazing. Okay, it's just one of those cheap little balls made of suction cups. I don't know if it has a real name. But it's a life saver. I carry it around in my teaching bag, and should class end too early (a rare occurance) or I forget to bring something important (happens more than it should) than I pull out this ball and create some sort of game with it. I write a grid on the board and then write something in each grid. In older class I write tough words, younger classes either get easy words or just the lower case alphabet. And BabyKids can get shapes, or alphabet, or numbers depending on what they have learned. It's quite hysterical in BabyKids classes. Their throwing skills vary widely. And of course many girls throw like....a girl. But I swear it has really increased all my students abilities. Not only is it a magical life saver, it has magically educated the kids. It's magic!


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