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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Good Communist?

Carniola had a great post about his site being blocked by Chinese authorities. Which is a hoot, like most expat bloggers he makes fun of his adopted country, when not being it's cheerleader. His country is Slovenia. So why the Chinese have their traditional blue panties in a wad makes no sense. But there is a test site that lets you know if any particular site is banned in China. I must be a good communist, and didn't even know it. More likely they know I am planning a trip to their country in a few days (I had to apply for a visa, so they know I'm coming) and they want me to feel welcome (aka spend lots of money in their country). And then blog about what a wonderful experience I had...if I don't say all sugary-goody goody things, I'm sure I'll get blocked then. My pictures however on my blog don't come up. Lord knows that I have posted some seriously impure pics - like vegetarian sushi, Japanese macaques, and preschool crafts.


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