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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Funky Foo-Rin

I noticed this new Cafe/Flower shop in my neighborhood awhile back....say like October. But I only went to it for the first time in February. I have been there quite a few times since. It's quite funky, with mismatched furniture and a retro 70's feel to the atmosphere. And the couple who run it are adorable. They're practically children. And speak virtually no English. But we manage to have conversations none-the-less. They also have a big black lab, who hangs out in his crate behind the counter. The desserts are excellent! And they play pretty good music, too. I practically fell over dead when I heard Tom Waits there. From the land that loves The Carpenters it was quite amazing to hear something truly gritty. Everybody I have taken there has loved it and most have been back a couple of times if they live in the area. So, I've been good for business. And they have been good for me. A nice little, comfortable place to go hang out and get me out of the house. And close enough for it not to be a big deal to go. Hmmm, sounds good maybe I'll go hang out there now.


At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooh! How very nice. I want one. Mum


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