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Monday, March 05, 2007

Driving is Fundemental

For months I was confused by these magnets on peoples cars. The first ones I noticed were these green book looking ones that I swear are the symbol for the RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) program. But then I realized there were these orange teardrop ones. I decided it must be some sort of Us VS Them rival high schools or something. The first time I was riding in my car AND there was a Japanese person with me I asked them. Unfortunately that person was Yuriko, who is only 9 years old. And although I think she knew what they meant, she didn't have the English vocabulary to explain it. Months later Rinako explained that they are actually very cute WARNING symbols. The drivers of the cars with the green symbols are new drivers, so beware. The orange symbols mark cars of elderly drivers, so double beware. There are a hundred reasons why this sort of thing would never work in America, and yet it is the norm here. I was just happy to have one tiny mystery solved.


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