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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Proof of Mildness

This winter has been so much different than last winter. First I haven't been as sick. Must have gotten used to the virulent Japanese Cold Virus. And I realize that I have things figured out this year. Last year it was a lot more complicated. But this winter is much milder than last year. Here is the proof....

1. I don't see my breath when I go to make my breakfast in the kitchen each morning.
2. I only go buy kerosene from my heater only once a week, rather than twice like last year.
3. I don't move the kitchen heater to the bathroom each time I take a shower.
4. I don't wear gloves to bed this year.
5. My hair looks like it should. Last year was so cold, and therefore dry and full of static that I had trouble getting it to lie down and not look like I had just seen something freightening.
6. When I get into bed with the lights off I'm not showered with static sparks from my blankets.
7. I don't have to carry around a can of "anti-static" so that my clothes hang correctly.
9. I bought an electric blanket this year (was way to broke last year) and don't have to use it very much.
10. Most importantly it doesn't rain in my shower. I got a whole weather system happening in my shower if it's dreadfully cold. I would turn on the warm water, which hit the nearly freezing air and instantly turned my shower into a steamer. Then all that condesation would accumulate on the ceiling of my shower. When enough had accumulated it would fall down in big ol' drops. But they aren't warm drops. No. They are bloody cold. So there I would be trying to keep warm in my shower, washing and scrubbing and jumping around like I had been electrocuted everytime one of these giant icey balls of water landed on me. That hasn't happened this year. Yeah!

I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but it's been rather pleasant around here. The other day it was so nice I was tempted to eat my lunch al fresco. And I would have ridden my bike to work yesterday, except that it desperately needs a tune-up. Oh, yeah, and I'm a lazy twit.


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