Natalie Goes to Japan

40 year old very married blonde woman having a midlife crisis who heads to Japan alone to follow her dreams. Be careful what you wish for ... you just may get it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Passing of the Daruma

It's time for the passing of the Daruma for me. Last year's Daruma did such an excellent job of leaning the fates in my direction, of getting me my desires, that I knew I needed another one. Notice the old, faded Daruma has both eyes painted in. That means I got my go to Thailand and Benelux. He threw in Mexico for free. Isn't that sweet. So the new Daruma's job is to keep up the good work and help me go to China in the spring. And Nara, sometime before I leave Japan. I think he's up to the tasks, and is very serious about his job. I think he's going to work out just fine.


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