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Friday, January 26, 2007

Going to Fuji Go-Ko

The day after my mysterious attack I had plans to go look at Mt. Fuji and the surrounding lakes. I actually live in the same prefecture as the famed Fuji-san...well, half of it is in Shizuoka prefecture. But other than a faint ghostly view I had of it right after arriving, I've never seen it. So one of the older men from Eigo Mura offered to take me, as he's quite knowledgable about it. And he said the best time to go was in January, when the cold air keeps the clouds from covering it. But like the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, we have had a mild winter. And January has seen lots of rain and clouds. But the Monday planned turned out to be rain free, so I didn't let a little old poisonous attack from an assasin bug keep me from my intended venture. My eye was still very swollen. But I just wore sunglasses to keep my physical deformity from scaring the locals. Koichiro and his friend picked me up at nine, and off we went. Our first stop was a rest area coffee shop with a lovely view of the Mountain and decent hot chocolate. The plan was to circle the Mountain and stop and look at a few lakes. But first we stopped at Shiraito-no-taki (White Strings Waterfall). It was pretty chilly, but quite nice. Then we jumped back in the car to go to the first lake, Motosu. By the time we got there Fuji had wrapped itself up in a big white duvet of clouds. But the lake was nice. We stopped for lunch there. Koichiro bullied the restauranteurs into making something vegetarian for me. I felt a little uncomfortable. As we sat in the restaurant the clouds parted for a few minutes, so I was able to get some nice shots out their plate glass window. We toddled off to go to the next lake, but as it was off the road we never actually saw it, or the next lake. But the roads were nice and forested. Koichiro wanted to take me to a particular spot on the 4th lake, Kawaguchi. But when we go there, the clouds had completely covered Fuji again. We seemed to be in a game of hide-and-seek with this mountain. Who knew a Mountain could be so playful. We drove on to the next lake and then to a less known spot Koichiro highly recommended called Oshino-Hakkai. A lovely spot in the middle of town, with old traditional buildings and eight incredilbly clear springs. Fuji showed itself again while we were there, and did a little number with the winter sun and wind blowing snow of the summit for added entertainment. I think it was just getting jealous of all the attention we were paying to the springs. And then it was time to head back before the sun went down, and all the roads re-iced. Got some great pics and had a lovely time with my hosts. I'd really like to go back again. This was a really interesting area. I give it a very favorable review.


At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pictures are really great and the trip sounds very nice. Some of the bloggers have traveled a long way to see the mountain Mum

At 11:10 PM, Blogger an-fi (Angel Figueroa) said...

I have been in Japan for ages and I still haven't been to Mt Fuji for a proper visit. Thanks for the pictures!


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