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Monday, January 08, 2007

Another Slow Day in Merida

It was Mark's turn not to feel so great, so we spent another day in town. We mainly walked around. We did visit the Modern Art Museum in the in an old Spanish mansion. We visited the Cathedral, built by the Spanish by destroying the Mayan buildings onsite and using the stones for that. The thing I liked the most about it were the memorial floor stones. But I didn't like being in that building for some reason, and I can't tell you why. We tryed to go into the city hall, but guards refused to let us enter. They told us to come back in 10 minutes. After browsing the bookstore we returned again, and once again we were refused entry. So we went in the back way. They were having some sort of party, but we just walked right through it. Then we went to the Governor's Palace, which is really just a government building, but it was built in the old Spanish courtyard style. It has lovely, intense murals. After a nice siesta (and doing some laundry) we took a taxi back out to the Paseo. It only cost $3, I could really get used to that. We visited the really cool Anthropology Museum, with some very important Mayan pieces from all over the Yucatan. After that we meandered the the streets again on a warm balmy night, until we arrived back at the hotel. Although the hotel was nice, the bed was rockhard. We would both wake up and take pain pills first thing in the morning. And the breakfast was not particularly cheap and was pretty crappy. But the staff was helpful (except for the bed thing), the location was very good and they had a vending machine that dispensed beer as well as soda...Mark quite enjoyed that little perk.


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