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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Power Rangers to the Rescue

A while back I went with the Suzukis to Pal-Pal to celebrate Yuma's birthday. One of the things on our agenda was to see the live action hero show. Mainly because we wanted to see O'Goody in it. I don't think they ever used the word Power Rangers, but if not they were knock-offs. The day was unusually hot for the time of year, and the amplitheatre was like an oven. The show was totally cheesy, and if there were any jokes in it I didn't get them due to the language barrier. And O'Goody wouldn't tell us what part he was going to play in it. It's part of his secret identity. The Suzukis guessed that he was the Johnny Depp looking guy. But I know O'Goody better than they. I see him everyday, and I knew they were wrong. He was one of the evil henchmen and he got thrown around alot. The next day at work I was prepared to "get sick" and have to go home if he didn't tell me which character he played. But I didn't have to resort to blackmail, just a little good-humored badgering did the trick. He admitted to being the bad guy with the red hair. I knew it.


At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Nico said...

Very nice blog and specially the pictures!

Good luck in Japan



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