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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Okuni Jinja Here We Come

A couple of the girls from my Sony Class took me to Okuni Jinja, since they had promised to take me to Kourankei and never did. Misato is on the left, Yumi on the right. Yumi's English is pretty bad, Misato's is even worse. But Yumi's inablility doesn't stop her from trying. While Misato barely ever says a word. It was rather nice in away. I never get to use the little Japanese that I do have, because most people WANT me to speak English. But these two didn't care. The temple was nice, and I bet it looked beautiful at it's peak earlier in the season. Definately worth the trip. Then we went to a park and ate conbini lunches and walked around a little. Then we decided to get a little dessert. So we went to Louisiana Mama and bought some slices of cake and brought them to my place, and I made them raspberry tea. We laughed and talked. We got around to talking about the Chinese Zodiac. I guessed that Yumi was a monkey and Misato had to be a mouse. And I was right. A nice, pleasant day with the girls.


At 2:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They look like very nice companions for a very pleasant day. I have Beverly and pneumonia. Will see Chewbaka's associate on Thursday. Mum


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