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Friday, December 15, 2006

The Christmas Parties Have Begun!

Well, the first set of Christmas parties have begun. Because of the crazy schedule, half were at the beginning of this week, the other half will be the last half of next week. But so far so good. Although this year's crop of BabyKids is filled with a lot of seriously reluctant youngsters. So the Pin the Nose on Rudolf game isn't as big a hit this year. But the cookies and songs are big hits. Here, let's mingle. I'll introduce you around.

This is Natsuki and Yuzuki, they are both second years and have on their serious face. Natsuki has a cute little girly voice. Yuzuki is quite the card.

Here we have Nanami and Satsuki in their dimples pose. Nanami is usually so straightlaced. She is very serious about learning her ABC's. Satsuki has come along way this year. Early on she was a trouble maker, but she's settled down and done a very respectable job learning the alphabet.

Let me introduce you to Taiki and Shiki, the only boys here at our little internet party. Taiki...Well, Taiki takes my classes twice a week. Same class mind you. And I'm pretty sure he's taking other classes at the CC. He's very good with the spoken stuff, he just isn't interested in the physical stuff or the songs. Shiki is a fairly recent addition, and can be high strung. He's either great or a great pain in the ass.

Over here are Sae (pronounced Sigh) and Nayu doing there strange faces. I really don't know what Sae is doing. She's a very soft spoken child, but not bashful. As this pucker face and strange peace sign shows. Nayu is very young, and this is actually her attempt to smile for the camera. I think she needs a bit more practice.

And last, but not least, we have another Nanami and Mei. Well, as you can tell I have spiked the apple juice and they have had more than their fair share. Nanami is a surly drunk, and Mei is more of a lampshade kinda party girl. These BabyKids sure know how to celebrate.


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