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Monday, November 06, 2006

Witchy-Poo Returns

So this week was Halloween, and therefore the infamous Halloween Parties. The great thing about being in my second year here is that so much is easier this time around. And that includes the Halloween Parties. They were still a bit of hard work in my youngest classes, but breezes for my older kids classes. I've even learned to have them help me, which they enjoy. And I really didn't have much trouble getting them to dress up this year, or get their faces painted. I decided also to dress as a witch everyday for classes, and that also eased my tension. I have so many black clothes that I just added a hat and Poof I was a witch. I usually painted a star or moon on my face in front of the children, so that they knew what was going to happen next. The one thing that I did do to make myself more dressed up was that I streaked my hair. I just used the face paints to do it with, and it really worked out well. And I think the mothers did a pretty good job this year with the costumes they put together for their kids. Only one or two had them in really elaborate costumes - which is just fine by me. The children need to be comfortable. But one little boy took the cake. Yuusho came as Batman. And I think his mom sewed his costume, but I think he chose it. Yuusho is a fairly serious little boy, but when he smiles it just lights up my heart. And he wore his mask for the whole class. I saw his mom offering to move it up for him, but he would have no part of that. His secret identity would be exposed then! The only problem with his costume was that one ear refused to stand up, so the other one looks a bit like an radio antennae or something. But I have to say I'm thankful that Halloweeen is over.


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