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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Halloween for the Slightly More Mature

The day I returned from my Hiroshima/Miyajima/Himeji trip I managed to make it to my 3 private gigs. One of which is Eigo Mura at the Junk Saloon. And they have an annual Halloween Party. I suspected that I might have to go straight from the train station, so I packed a little something in my weekender back pack. I threw in a pair of rabbit ears and my face paints. But most people made more of an effort. A couple of medical students came in full surgical regalia. Sean came in a genie's outfit. Patrick made up a really dopey tanuki (raccoon dog) costume. There was also a character from Dragonball-Z, a construction worker, a chinese lady, a hiker, a chinese grocer, etc. There was a little contest, and the honorable mentions went the the Samurai Nun and the Wererabbit (or as I liked to call him Bunnicula). But the top prizes went to the group of three that came dressed up as slightly demonic scarecrows. Their faces were completely painted black and orange, they had straw sticking out all over the place, and they had broomsticks holding their arms out. And the craziest part of this is that they had to come from a town 30 minutes away by train. They were even followed by the police for a short while. Then after the Eigo Mura ended we went to No Name Bar, as they wanted to get as much use out of their hard work as possible. They scared the heebie jeebies out of quite a few drunks walking along the streets. And we got free drinks! Yippeee!


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