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Friday, October 27, 2006

Sunny Thursdays

Should you be in Nakatajima on a Thursday, stop by and say hi. Stop at the park, take the North path. I'm just past the third bench, lolling in the sun. I don't have any classes between noon and 4 on Thursdays and have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Sometimes I grab lunch at a conbini, or sometimes I actually stop and have paper thin pizza at Grazie Gardens. Then I take my beach mat and some books and worship that beautiful fireball we call the sun. It's a pretty large park. There are usually old men flying kites, old people playing croquet, business men asleep on the benches, mother's pushing their babies, dog walkers and frequently entire classes of preschoolers. But as the park is so huge, I'm normally far away from them all. I normally spread out near some trees that host squawking song birds. Including chickadees. I didn't expect to find a bird I could identify here, but there is no doubt, they are chickadees. Sometimes I nap. I always read. And if I have the energy I go over to the beach and walk along it. There's a good chance I'll run into someone I know at the beach. And yesterday I got to help one of the turtle conservationists release baby turtles. These few hours are always glorious and do my soul so much good. I command you all to find some bit of heaven to bask in.


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