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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Spider and the Chicken

It was a dark and rainy night. I had just finished with one job, and was moving on to the next. During my route I encountered an area of road that was under construction. The way was perilous, visibility was very low, and the windows of my car had started to fog over. I reached down and turned on the air very carefully, while never taking my eyes off the road. I continued on, concentrating on the view. When I looked up for a brief second, I noticed a spider in the center of my windshield. On the inside of my windsheild. A large spider. A very large spider. With a wingspan of about 6 inches. My heart started pounding loudly, as I controlled the large squeal that wanted to escape me. Don't panic. It's only a spider. It doesn't have a gun, it doesn't want to attack me. I can drive to the next destination, it's only 5 minutes away. I can do this.


I look to the side of the road to find somewhere to pull off. I'm cringing, keeping my eyes on the spider, and whimpering pitifully. I spot a gas station. I pull in quickly and ingnore the attendant flagging me into the bay. I jump out of my car, and start squealling like a little girl "kumo, kumo, kumo,", and pointing inside the car. The attendant smiles at me condescendingly and leans into the car, to protect the damsel in distress. He pauses, and backs away slightly when he sees the size of his foe. But he can't back down now with a woman watching on. He reaches for the spider with his window cleaning clothe. The spider darts to the other side of the windsheild. The young man has to follow it farther into the depths of the car. He apprehends it, and the smirky smile returns to his face. He swaggers away, to release the spider under the lights so he can get a better look at his detainee, as I start thanking him profusely. I'm not terribly afraid of spiders, but in this case I was a big old chicken. It took nearly 10 minutes for my heart to stop pounding. Yick!


At 6:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whew. That is a very,very scary story. As you can imagine, I would have had to call 911 if it had happened to me. Mum


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