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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Q is for Quilt

Last week in English First class it was Q is for Quilt. And this is a really tough thing to explain. My predecessor used a picture of Grover in bed with a quilt over him. I tried that last year, and didn't think it worked so well. So over the last year I have kept my eyes open for a cheap quilt. I had given up all hope, when a week before Q rolled around again I spotted a baby quilt at the hyaku yen. Yippee! So my skit was to try and explain quilt, starting and stopping, and getting really frustrated and crossing my eyes, etc. Then get the old "I got it" look in my eyes and grab the quilt out of my bag. Then I showed them the quilt, with all the quilted puffiness and then attempted to go to sleep under this very tiny quilt. Which brought on more laughter. Then as our project we made the paper quilts in the picture below. I cut out the pieces from origami paper, handed out the template sheets and glue sticks and then tossed cut quilt pieces into the air, letting them rain down on the kids like confetti. It turned out to be one of my best lessons.


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