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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Japan: The Land of a Million Point Cards

Japan has points cards for everything. I'm given several every week, and most the time I don't know what the points apply to. But I have held onto a fair share of them. I have the world reknown Subway card, which once filled will get you 200 yen off your next sub, not a free sub. I have a Drink Card from Freshness Burger, and have actually recieved a free drink with the filled card. Everytime I go to Yamada Electronics I get a points card, and then give it to the Suzukis cuz I don't know what it does, nor do I think I shop there enough to ever recieve the pot at the end of that rainbow. I even have points cards to the 2 grocery stores I shop at the most. But these are a little different as I get points for bringing my own shopping bags. And then I just got what I consider the craziest one yet. It's for the vending machine on my corner. I have no clue how many points I have on the card, or how many it takes to get the baseball hat that says DyoDyo, or the cute little bear holding a red heart, or the poster of the Japanese pop star. But it just seems like a waste not to accumulate some points everytime I buy another Mystio or the drink with the orange circles on the front.


At 7:08 AM, Blogger Sallie said...

The only point card I ever actually collected on was the local gas station, and I filled it twice and got 500 yen off my fill-ups! That was awesome! :)

I'm glad you're back in blogland. I missed your posts, and it will be good to be able to check in on life in Japan now that I'm here. It's too bad we never got to meet up, but if you ever make it to Ontario (Toronto area) let me know!!!



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