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Friday, August 25, 2006

Dutch Treat

Really stupid title, but it was too easy not to use. We stayed at a B&B in a really convenient location and were able to walk everywhere. We did all they things that you are supposed to do, we weren't terribly original in that aspect. We went to the Van Gogh Museum and paid are respects to "Sunflowers". We went to the Rijk's Museum and saw "Night Watch" and dozens of other Rembrandts. And more importantly I got to see 4 of the 35 Vermeers in existence. We took a boat tour of the canals. And we wandered the Red Light District. It smelled slightly of pot and had pretty ladies in bikini's sitting in windows as they filed their nails or talked on their cell phones. The one day trip we made was to Delft, which was a delightful little town. It rained everyday on our trip and was pretty chilly. But we decided that was much preferrable to the heat wave they had had earlier in the year. We also just walked and walked. And took pics. And stopped every couple of hours at a sidewalk cafe so I could drink hot chocolate to warm up. My favorite moment of the whole Netherlands leg of our trip, was while Mark and I were walking and gawking through the Red Light District and Mark sees a Belgian Fries stand and gets really excited. There were were, surounded by half naked attractive women, and he wants French Fries. Lord, I love that man.


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