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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Turning Japanese

I had one of those moments, where you know you are not in Kansas anymore. That was last night when I was riding my bike, while carrying an umbrella. They do this all the time here, and I think it's pretty crazy. But shortly after I started off to meet a private student last night, it began to rain a touch. Not enough to make me turn around, but enough for it to be annoying. Now, most of my trip is on the river path, so it's not quite so dangerous to ride with your umbrella up. If I had been returning home, I would have never used the umbrella. But I didn't want to turn up looking like the proverbial drowned rat. So I used the umbrella. I never thought I would do it. I guess Japan is rubbing off on me. At least a little.


At 6:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that is very cool. Mum

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Sallie said...

Recently I realized two things I'd started doing which are quite Japanese: the way I count on my fingers (starting with my thumb going down instead of up) and the way I beckon someone to come towards me (hand faced downwards instead of up, the way we might wave someone to go away from us)... Nihonjinrashi ni narimasu, ne?!


At 4:48 AM, Anonymous RisingSunOfNihon said...

hahaha that is japanese style. I use to do it even in the snow. growing up we bike every where even in high school so the bike is like part of your body. I use to so fast on my mama chari!


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