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Monday, July 17, 2006

Legal Again

I didn't say anything before because I didn't want the Japanese Visa Ninjas to come get me, but my visa lapsed a little. Mr. M. said he would take me down to get my visa in April or May. Well, finally a little after the first of June he said "Here is your contract, go get your visa. Take your passport and foreign registration card". Well, that wasn't a lot of help, now was it? I didn't exactly jump right on it. And when I did finally go down, they were closed for something as silly as lunch or Ninja appreciation day or something. Next day Mr. M. asked me, did you go get visa? I told him about my aborted attempt and that I would go the next day. And I did, and they were open. But the form wanted my work history for the last 6 jobs. Well, I don't have all that info in my head, so I took the forms home. I get a call from Mr. M. asking me about the visa, and I informed him of the latest developement. Well, he starts to freak. He will take me down on Tuesday and help me get my visa. Okay, okay, whatever. I have the form filled out already, don't know why I need his help now? So we take it down, the form is correct, I will get a postcard in the mail telling me to come back and get my visa. This is 2 weeks before my visa expires, and the postcard took a month to arrive. So for two weeks I was in limbo, living on the edge. But it's all in order now, and once again I'm boringly legal.


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