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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Izakaya Hopping

Last night Junko, Mika and I were given a tour of some of downtown bars of Hamamatsu. Our guide for the evening was Michelle, and Australian girl who has been living here forever. Totally funny event number on happened before we even reached our first destination when Mika's shoe decided to go all Godzilla and try and eat the town. It was an extremely high heeled shoe, and the soul came away from the front, so every time she stepped it looked like an alligator opening it's mouth. So before we even got to our first bar she had to take off her shoe and hobble, and we were laughing, so we looked like we were drunk already. The first bar was a true izakaya called Bellamy's. It was on the fourth floor and had a terrace where we could sit outside and look at the lights of Hamamatsu and catch the breeze. The owner of the bar found some flip-flops, and gave them to Mika! We also had these tiny delicious goza appetizers with our drinks. The next bar was a No Name foreigners hangout. Junko and Mika were quite amazed to find out that there are actual drinks named "Sex on the Beach" and "Orgasm". We got popcorn as munchies there, and we devoured both bowls in out 4 minutes. The next bar was an Australian bar with the original name of Down Under, but was pretty big (for a bar in Japan that is) and had some live music and we ate nachos and ducked everytime Junko tried to throw darts at the board over our table. She'd already had 3 or 4 beers and her aim was atrocious. Next we went to G-Spot which is rinky dink and was filled with a bunch of rough looking dudes, who were totally gracious and thrilled to have a gaggle of females invade their space for awhile. That's were Totally Funny event number two happened. Mika stated she doesn't want children and it eventually lead me to try and explain a vasectomy to her. She had never heard of such a thing and asked if it was possible in Japan and was absolutely giddy with this new knowledge. The whole discussion was so weird and required some charades action to explain. And the Third Totally Funny episode happened on the way to the last bar, and had to do with Junko trying to explain that her coworker was a twinkle? Turns out he's a twin. And of course it was made all the funnier by the 3 cocktails I had partaken in. The last stop was Groovy Gravy (been there before) and we watched the last half of the World Cup game on the big screen. Michelle was rooting for Germany, and I was rooting for Argentina. And as you know Argentina lost in penalty shootouts. We were exhausted and left seconds after the defining kick was made. On the way down the street Michelle was hounded by a couple of Salaryboys. They were not old enough to be called Salarymen. But we lost them easily enough as they were totally snockered. While we had had plenty to drink, but could still walk a decently straight line. We hopped on our bikes and said goodnight. Thank goodness I didn't have to work today (3 day weekend), because I didn't get home until 3:30. Yep, me! Little miss in bed by 10:30. Only had a moderate hangover this morn, and totally worth it.


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