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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Coals to Newcastle

Today's assignment for the LG3 class was to teach them the words for square, circle, rectangle, triangle and corner. And the book uses a basic origami project to illustrate it. Yeah, let's teach Japanese 6th graders how to fold the simplest origami ever. It's kinda like taking coals to Newcastle, giving ice to Eskimos (Inuit if you want to be correct) or saying "hot ain't it" in Georgia in August. But I did anyway. And they drew the cutest faces on them (not part of the book assignment). And then I handed out another piece of paper and let them make whatever they wanted. The boys all made cootie-catchers. But the girls made other things, all from memory. Such as cranes (of course), and beds, and chairs, balloons and a rabbit. It was a pretty fun lesson after all.


At 1:18 AM, Blogger the englishman said...

How about the dodecahedron?

At 6:48 AM, Blogger Natalie said...

What in the world is a doodadcathedral? Fine, smartypants, I looked it up at Wikipedia . No, no dodecahedrons. And one girl didn't know how to do any origami. Can you believe it? I was completely amazed!

At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of them look good to someone who can't do even basic origami. Mum


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