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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Myth of Spring

I'm starting to believe the idea of Spring is nothing but a myth. It is mid-May and I am still using my heater on occasion. It has rained here every day since I returned and was really cold before I left. In two months it is guaranteed to be so hot that you have trouble breathing. So where is Spring? Is this just a freak year, and Spring will be back next year as usual? I can't seem to remember a good Spring. I think it's always like this...too hot or too cold...nothing in between. I think Spring must be a myth that they teach us in school, and we just assumed it to be true. Like Pluto is the 9th planet. This is something I take as fact, but then again I've never seen Pluto, so maybe that's a myth, too. I think it was created just to get us through Winter with a little hope things will be nicer soo. Well, my faith is shaken and I'm not sure I believe in Spring anymore. But then again I think butterflies are responsible for many unsolved deaths each year, too. Obviously I'm nuts.


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