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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gone Fishing

"F is for Fish" is this weeks BabyKids theme. So for my extra project I cut these fish shapes out of plastic, attached paperclips to the tails and drew one of the letters or corresponding objects on the fish that I have already taught them. Then I glued a magnet to the end of a hyaku yen fishing pole I bought. This is not an original idea. Every ESL Teaching site on the internet has this suggestion is some variation or other. It's just the first time I got around to trying it. So I show the kiddies the A fish and the B fish, etc. They think it's pretty cool. But they love it when I show them the Apple Fish, the Boy Fish, the Cat Fish, the Dog Fish and the Egg Fish. And they really go crazy over the Fish Fish. They come up one by one, sit on my lap and then we fish. When they catch something I ask them what is on the side of the fish. Not a whole lot of correct answers, but they always want to try again.


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