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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Going into the Gray

I've done a couple of things recently I never thought I would do. I tend to be an above board person. I'm not always by the books, but mostly. The first thing I did, which isn't all that big a deal is that I attempted to proxy my isp address. I logged onto ABC tv's site the other day, cuz I heard on NPR that they were going to start putting entire episodes online. Which would be great for me! But they won't let me watch, cuz I'm outside the US. What? You rotten little bastards! So I went online trying to figure out how to get around it. Supposedly you just use a proxy address, which can be found on various sites, and then you can watch. Took me forever to find a proxy address, and then where to put it in Firefox. But it isn't working, so I must be doing something wrong. But who thought I would ever be in need of a proxy address. That's something organized criminals or subversives or paranoid people would do, not upfront, overly honest me. And I have spent hours on this endeavor. And the funny thing is I don't really want to watch any of the shows they have available online. But they ticked me off telling me I couldn't watch. But the other thing I did that goes quite against my grain is that while I was in Thailand I bought pirated DVD's. I just never thought I would do that. I figure I can afford the legal copies, or if I can't then I probably shouldn't be buying DVD's anyway. But...(isn't there always a but)...this is slightly different. First of all it's a tv show. Six Feet Under. And that means they are much more expensive. And I never saw the show, but heard such good things about it I have been dying to see it for years. But who wants to lay down $75 bucks for a show they've never even seen? And the other thing is that I'm not easily able to rent it hear. It's certainly not at the video store I go to. It may not be at any video store in Hamamatsu. How would I know? Turns out I enjoyed the first season very much, but have no way to see the following seasons. Oh, well. But these two things I've done recently make me wonder if I'm turning to the dark side. I'm not too worried. At the rate I'm turning I wouldn't be evil until I was about 90. And how much trouble can you raise at 90?


At 10:23 AM, Blogger Sallie said...

Ha ha!! Yeah, I've done some things a bit under the table since being here as well - like bought the entire set of Sex and the City (oh so pirated) in Cambodia at Christmas! :P

I hope you're feeling more settled into life back here and that your mom is healing well.


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