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Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Day in the Park

Apparently the Weather Gods read my blog and took pity on me and provided beautiful weather for my day off. I went with Rinako and her family to the Garden Park for an all day picnic. Rinako had to be pushed through the park in a wheelchair because of some problem with her leg I don't understand. But she's a bit of a drama queen so it suited her well. And we, her subjects, dutifully pushed her wherever she wanted to go. The Garden Park was built a few years ago to house a year long flower exhibition. And now it is maintained by volunteers. In general it's a lovely place. But some of the things haven't been maintained. Especially the water pools and fountains. We had a nice time wandering around the different gardens. There's and international section with gardens and structures to symbolize different countries of the world. The Thai building is definately the coolest. Wish I'd seen something like that when I was in Thailand. Then there is a recreation of Monet's Givenchy Garden. And it looks a lot like the paintings, except that this garden was crowded with thousands of Japanese people in every spare square inch. Yuri took her unicycle, so while Masa pushed Rinako in the chair, Yuri held onto him while riding the unwieldy thing. Masa has a huge amount of patience. We took a little break and listened to a solo trombone concert. I can't say the music was wonderful, but sitting in the sun, listening to music and watching the multitude of families enjoying themselves was a lovely way to spend some time. I ended up with pink shoulders (I haven't dared to look to see if my nose got red) and a nice warm tired feeling. Thanks be to the weather gods.


At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Linda Larsson said...

Natalie. I am from Canada, now living in the province of Manitoba. I have emailed you before. I like checking into your blog. I lived in Osaka in the 80's and taught English to companies and juku's as well. I hope your Mom heals quickly. I know how hard it must be to have to leave her and go back to work. Your Anger is often referred to as depression turned inward. Yes it can be a good tool, but tiring. I hope your life is full of friends and support. Gumbatte neh!

Linda Larsson
My website where I write to promote the small town I live in is

Goodluck bye for now.

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Linda Larsson said...

I forgot to mention I have been really worried about your horrible bout with the chicken pox. I had chicken pox as a kid. It is known that this virus will stay in your body for the rest of your life. When under stress or sunburned, trauma or have a cold, your lips may develop cold sores. The older you get your immune system does work so well. I'm in my 40's too. I have broken out in those irritating chicken pox (blisters of some kind or another on my hands. You can get Shingles when you are older. A good defense is to take "Lysine" This is well know to keep this chicken pox virus under better control. In your case I would certainly never allow my skin to get burned. Keep covered. This Lysine is quite common for use of coldsores. Look into it and take 1000 miligrams a day if you can start with 500 you will help yourself alot. My Mother introduced me to it. She has shingles. It is a good defense and found in health food stores. Acidophilus capsules are also good for our stomac and coldsores, cankers, infections Acidophilus is the good bactera that is found in yogurt. Take Care of yourself.



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