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Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Break in the Rain

Had a day and a half of respite from the ongoing rain. We have had tons. And this isn't even the rainy season. But today was lovely and sunny. So I took every advantage of it. First I rode my bicycle to work. It's the first time all year! And it was joyous. Then after morning classes I rode over to the hyaku yen to pick up supplies and took a new route home. Then after lunch I walked to the grocery store to buy inari sushi and flowers. Then I took my book to the park and read for a bit. Then back to the aparto for a brief nap with all the windows open to encourage the breeze. I had to drive to the later classes, but with windows down. Unfortunately the rain will be back tomorrow to stick around for the entire weekend and into the forseeable future....and probably forever at this rate. But today was loverly.


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