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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thailand Airlines

As I spent sixteen hours traveling, all I can really do is post a review of Thailand Airlines. The airline attendants are very attractive and wear the coolest outfits and gave fabulous service! The planes were acceptably clean and the food was okay. The second plane wasn't as clean and left half an hour late. But my biggest problem with both planes was the entertainment options. They sucked. They picked interesting enough movies to show, but as they didn't have the inbedded tv's in the seat in front of you, you didn't really get any options. The screens were horrible, the sound was horrible and the pictures were all fuzzy. And as I was on their airplanes for 8 hours it would have been nice to have decent entertainment. But enough bitching. They do give you a lovely posey of orchids that I attached to my backback. Bangkok airport is a pit. But it was warm! (Hamamatsu was just above freezing when I left). And the Phuket Airport arranged to have the most beautiful pink sunset over the ocean for us as we landed. I found my shuttle quickly. And the hotel is amazing. But that's for another post.


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