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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bigtime Relief

Dateline Saturday - So, I had been really upset with Mr. M. for adding two more English First classes. Especially because he never asked my opinion. I was also getting pretty ticked cuz I didn't know what the schedule would be like for next term, and it starts in only two weeks. Well, he finally called me. The two extra classes didn't get enough students so they are cancelled. Yeah! Also, the hideous Thursday afternoon in the uncontrollable room English First class is also cancelled. And the Pulstec conversation classes are going from 2 hours to one hour. So instead of having 20 classes like last year I have 18 classes. Now, I realize that's not good for business. But Mr. Bumblehead never asked me what I wanted. And I'm not opposed to teaching more classes. Just not EF classes and definately not in the uncontrollable room. The mothers are complaining that I don't have any kindergarden classes. They are also upset because my only two 4 & 5 year old classes start at 4 or later. I would have been glad to add classes like that. But he never asked me.


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