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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Best and Worst

This is Shintaro and Risa. I love them both. They stay after class and help me clean up and carry all my stuff downstairs for me. And that's saying something. I have to carry everything from classroom to classroom. So sometimes my bag ways a ton. Shintaro is very possibly the best student in the class, but it's hard to say cuz he's so quiet. And he's absurdley sensitive. I've made him cry more times than I can remember. And half the time I don't even know why. But when he comes to class early, we have something fairly close to conversations. Then there is Risa. She doesn't even know most of her abc's. During ABC Bingo today she was comepletely lost. But she keeps plugging away at it and enjoys herself anyway. And if you wanted to make a girly elfish cartoon character that didn't speak but made lots of cute noises to communicate you would want to use Risa. I swear we have the conversations made up of little burbles and chirps and twitters from her and I respond in comeplete English sentences. But somehow we get things done and information communicated. I hope they are back next term. We'll see.


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