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Friday, March 03, 2006

Along Came Yuto

Well, it was a very mixed day. I forgot to take nametags in the morning. Not fatal, it just makes me look stupid. But the morning classes went pretty good. But then came the afternoon class. It's a big class with 15 students. It used to have the evil 3 in it, but two left. Only to be replace with a little boy I can't stand, and two very young kids. They aren't even two years old. The little ones make life a little more difficult, but they aren't bad. But then there's Yuto. This boy won't sit down, he won't do anything he's supposed to. Today he was actually doing better, but I was still getting short with him when he was bad. Then I blew bubbles. And all the kids run around and pop them. I do it until I am close to asphyxiation. So class is nearly over and I tell them we are finished and put the bubble blowing contraption in my bag. Yuto grabs it. I tell him NO and put it back. I go to sit down and he runs back to the bag, grabs the bubble maker and turns it upside down. Pouring all the bubble liquid into my bag. Soaking all my papers and materials for the next class. Luckily it didn't ruin anything in my purse (ie my passport, visa, etc). I did not take it well. I dumped everything out of my bag in a huff and started cleaning. I am sure the look on my face told his mother everything. She was embarrased and helped me clean up everything. I'm not really brooding over it. I was really angry at the time, but I would have forgotten it by now if I hadn't needed something to blog about. Yuto is only 3 years old and he does have socialization issues, but coming to class is instrumental in helping...and so is my getting angry with him. All part of the process.


At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! Wow! I can't imagine how I'd handle that. Mum

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe I ran across your page doing a search for discontinued yarn.
My son is the same way, he just turned 4 a few days ago. But I think I found a
When they know you are annoyed or angry they WILL do it again. Its really hard not to get angry but remember this will work(smiling), eventually,it will. Be very nice and smile (laughing) scream in your pillow later. Its very very hard not to get angry or annoyed, but when you put on a nice attitude, even when you tell them they need a "time out" they don't keep being naughty.
I could right a book about my children, whom are now 4 & 5. but I think for just the past couple of days I finally figured it out!
Think NICE - Think - GENTLE VOICE!


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