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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

No Two Snowflakes are ....

Well, that might be true in nature, but not in my class. This week I'm doing the Winter theme. Better get it done quick, Spring is just around the corner (that is more wishful thinking than fact). I made 15 matching snowflakes and laminated them. I put half up on the board and give out the matches to the kids, then they have to find the matching one. And I teach them the word "Same". Once every kid has done this I take all the ones off the board and toss them on the ground. Once again they have to find the matching one. They love scrambling around looking for them and bringing me the matching pair when they are finally successful. Afteward I draw a hat and face on the board and outline a snowman in dots. They normally figure out it's a snowman pretty quick, but I still show them how you connect the dots. Next I hand out Snowman dot-to dots and crayons. Some kids get it, some don't. But it doesn't matter.


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