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Friday, February 24, 2006

Mr. Nincampoop Strikes Again

My boss is terrible. Yesterday as I am opening the attendance book a couple of sheets fall out. They look like schedules for next year, but I already have those. I look at them the best I can and determine they are definately BabyKid classes. But they are 9 am classes. And I don't have any 9 am classes. It slowly dawns on me that next year I will have 2 more classes of BabyKids. And they are both added to the schedule so that I will be running 3 BabyKid classes in a row, twice a week. I freak. Doing two in a row is exhausting. And now I have 3 in a row. And one of them is on Saturday, when I am already exhausted. And the Saturday classes have 15 kids in them instead of 12 and the large classes are really hard to control and are twice as exhausting. He's an idiot. I'm so angry I barely get through the classes without crying. When I talk to him on the phone he knows he has screwed up and tries to be funny. I can barely spit out monosyllable answers to him. There might be a raise involved, but nothing definate. He'll tell me more in mid-March. Well, I might be telling him a thing or two in mid-March.


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