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Monday, February 13, 2006

I Love My Gas Station

On the next block is an Eneos gas station. It's full service, and probably more expensive but I don't care. The first time I had to fill up I was actually nervous. Another thing to scare me. I pulled in, and they waved me to the exact spot to stop. The attendant was very old and very wrinkled, but he smiles so big. I mangled the Japanese words for fill her up, but he understood. He then asked me something which I couldn't understand. Turns out the car has a release lever for the gas tank inside the car. Not something I was shown. So he showed me where it was. He asked me something else I didn't understand. I looked at him blankly. He mimed did I want to purchase cigarettes. Oh, no thank you. His little old wife came out and cleaned my windsheild. Then they brought over the receipt to show me how much it was. I gladly paid. Then they guided me back onto the road when it was safe to go. I've never gone anywhere else to get gas. I also buy my kerosene there. Today I took the car over to get gas and have them check the oil and air pressure. I had to mime what I wanted, but they are always so patient and so helpful. I love my gas station.


At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I love your gas station. Mum


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