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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hey, I Thought This was in English

I spent a slug day sitting on my butt in front of my kotatsu for like a hundred hours straight. Finally I decided I was going to lose the use of my legs through muscle atrophy if I didn't get out of the aparto. So I walked to the video store in the bitter cold wind. I couldn't find anything in English that I was interested in watching, so I tried looking through the non-English sections. I came across this April Rain and it looked good. And when I say looked good that's what I mean, because I certainly can't read the synopsis. I checked the back for the English Language kanji and was surpised to see it in the spoken language box and not in the subtitles box. Okay, I'll try this one. I survived the return trip home (all 10 blocks) and put the DVD in the player and went to the choose language option. All in kanji of course, and the kanji is so small and impossible to read but can tell the second option is definately Japanese so pick the first option. So the movie starts and it takes a while for anyone to speak. And Yeah, he is not speaking Japanese...but wait he's not speaking English either. He is speaking Korean. So I should go back to the language options again, but I don't. It's so non-verbal that it doesn't seem to matter. The plot is obvious and there is practically no dialogue. The movie is mainly filled with meaningful looks and much sighing. So I watched the whole thing in Korean. Not bad.


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