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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Heart Attack City

My day went fine except for the heart attack I had. One of my favorite students, Kento, decided to run along the top of the tables in class for no apparent reason. But the tables are on wheels and moved out from underneath him and he fell like a stunt man falling from a 20 story building, but without the soft landing. He did that thing humans like to do and refused to accept that something traumatic had just happened and smiled and laughed. But eventually the pain set in and he started crying. I kept asking if he was okay, but he just wouldn't say anything, he refused to look me in the eye. I decided the best thing was to continue with class and let him have time to get his composure back. And that worked. After class while he was running around like a maniac again down in the lobby I asked if he was okay. He showed my the bruise he was developing on his shin and smiled. So it was only his shin. I wasn't sure he hadn't gotten a concussion or cracked a bone or something, but couldn't really find out with the lack of communication skills I have. I am so relieved and so angry at him for scaring me like that. Oh, kids!


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He looks so mischievous in the photo. Hope he is OK. Mum


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