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Monday, February 06, 2006

Hair Team Go

My big adventure for the day was getting my first haircut in Japan. Marino took me to her father's salon. It's his day off, and in his place was an entire team of people to do my hair. First was the receiptionist who got all my info and took my purse and coat. Then I was sat in a first chair where I was introduced to the stylist who would cut my hair, and translated discussion on the amount and type of cut. Then I was handed off to the woman who would wash my hair and shown to the hair washing chair. Afterwards she walked me over to yet a different chair and set everything up for the stylist to come on over. She walked over in her boot and hair dresser's gun belt and sat down on one of those rolling stools dentists use. I thought I was having my haircut by a female asian Doc Holliday. She was extremely gentle and precise in combing and cutting my hair. Marino was translating the questions the staff had of me. One question was did I teach adults? I looked at Marino like she was an alien. Are you and adult I asked her? She didn't understand. Marino, you and your mother are students of mine! Oh, yah, I forgot. My hair was just about dry when the cut was over, so I thought we were nearly finished. Hah, you silly girl. Next I was given over to the woman who would rinse my hair again and give me a scalp massage in yet another location. Hot Damn! A lovely 10 minutes or so of pure relaxation. Then I moved to the blowdry chair and the Doc Holliday and her cute little male assistant dried and styled my hair. Marino had to leave, but that just gave the staff an opportunity to try out their English. They were just as nice as nice can be. I got a really great cut had a really good time. I don't think I have ever enjoyed a haircut so much before.


At 2:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How cute!! -- Rhonda

At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You look very pretty. Mum


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