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Friday, January 13, 2006


Whoops. I got my electric bill. Now, I knew it was going to go up. i left my electric heater on alot, especially when I was sick. Also, because kerosene heaters are a pain in the butt. First you have to go buy the fuel (electricity is delivered). Then you have to keep filling up the tank. And as you don't want to keep a big old ugly, dangerous plastic container of fuel in your apartment, you have to put it in your entryway or balcony. Whick means, when the tank gets empty you have to go out into the cold to heat up your house. Now that's just downright silly. And my first week using the kerosene heater I went through 1000 yen worth of gas in one week. Last month's electric bill was 2000 yen. This month's bill was 12,000 yen. That's right folks it increased by 6 times. Like I said, I knew it was going to go up, but I didn't expect this. Luckily I had put aside 10,000 yen for electricity, because it is my first winter here and my predecessor left me no info on this sort of thing and cuz I'm a smarter cookie than I look. But, jeepers, I wasn't really prepared for the shock. But on the bright side the heater has been cooperating since I threatened it with mechanical torture and replacement.


At 11:16 AM, Anonymous suzy said...

I just paid mine too - 14,000Y for 2 people who aren't even home that much! I suppose it doesn't help that we have an electric powered water boiler that's big enough to bath a baby elephant in, but STILL!
I used to pay about 60/quarter in the UK.


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