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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Seeing Stars

Oooh, I am so remiss. I haven't told you what I have done in my classes in a while. Well, we just finished doing a project with shapes. We've already done circle and triangle so of course we I haven't figured out a good square lesson yet. I'll get to it, just hold your horses. But this week we did stars. I cut a bunch of stars out of a foam rubber matt. Then I gave each student a small piece of construction paper. Then I got out the yellow paint. Sometimes the mothers would ooooh in delight, while other times they sorta groaned. Too bad, yellow paint is fun. Then I showed the class how to dip the foam star into a plate with a thin coat of the yellow paint in it and started stamping. Then I sat back and watched. But, you can't really go wrong. Hiroto's art came out really clear, but Amika's is much more impressionistic. They were all beautiful. And everybody left with yellow fingers. Me included.


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