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Monday, January 16, 2006

Movie and a Bath

Sounds like a nice cozy way to stay home on a rainy winter night, doesn't it? But it wasn't a stay at home Movie and a Bath, it was a day on the town Movie and a Bath. The Suzukis decided to take me to a movie yesterday. Yuuma wanted to see Chicken Little, but as it was dubbed in English I wouldn't be able to understand. Yoko wanted to see "Stand Up". I'd never heard of it. I asked who was in it. Yoko said a famous American Actress. Oh, well that narrows it down. After searching their electronic dictionary they said the plot was about sexual harrasment and tunnel makers. I took that to mean miners. Which means the movie is North Country. Which I had heard about through NPR. It didn't actually sound like a movie I would like. I knew it would just make me angry. I like movies that make me laugh or make me cry or make me fall in love (or even better all three). I'm not a fan of movies that make me angry, nervous or scared. But as it was such a generous invitation I agreed. But in the end Yuuma wanted Yoko to see Chicken Little with him, and Mikio was stuck taking me to see "Stand Up" (what is the point in changing the name?). It was a very plush theatre and the seats reclined and had side tables. Well, the movie did make me angry, but the cast was so good that I ended up liking the movie anyway. And there was one scene that brought tears to my eyes. But Mikio was crying and sniffling for the last 20 minutes of the movie. I had to stifle giggles. Then we went out for lunch. I had Omrice. Its a huge omlette stuffed with rice and my rice was buttered and the Omrice was covered in a cream sauce with vegetables. Between that and the Brownie and Oranges Sundae I had afterwards I was stuffed. Our next stop was a car dealer who was changing their insurance policy. We were probably only there for a half hour, but I kept falling asleep. Then we went to a Super Sento (public bath). It was wonderful. They had hot baths, boiling baths, jet baths, a plum sake bath and an electric current bath. It was really weird. This one was just a single seat in the jet baths pool and when you sat down your butt was in the line of an electric current. It felt like a very small but forceful jet that tingled a little. Then there were the outside baths. Mmmm, they were wonderful. A nice wooden pool covered by a wooden gazebo, a rock pool, giant cooking pot baths (I felt like Natalie Stew in that one), a place to lie down and take a nap in about an inch of running water, a Ginger Sauna, and my favorite the warm pool where you can sit under a gentle waterfall. By the time I got home I was so drowsy and full I couldn't stay up past 8:30. Really, I reccomend this Movie and a Bath thing.


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