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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lots of Little Things

I don't think there was anything particulary great today, but it was a great day. My two BabyKid classes went really well and were very fun. Then I walked over to May1 to do some shopping and found Kraft Mac & Cheese! I was supposed to go over and put up flyers to try and get new students but I left them in my car. I should have been ticked, but as the wind had stopped and the sun was out I just couldn't be in a bad mood. As I entered the Community Center I ran into another teacher I know and he was in a bit of a jam. He had forgotten all his lesson materials at home. He's had to wing it before, so he wasn't panicked, but I was able to loan him some ABC flash cards and laminates I had made. He thought they were great. My 3rd graders class went well as always. I stopped at a brand new Family Mart convenience store, and they actually had sandwiches I could eat. So I had egg salad sandwiches for dinner instead of a Snickers bar. Sony class went pretty good, and much laughter occured. And here is an email from one of my private students (too cute)...

Hi! Thank you very much. I will try the worksheet you sent me. I have just done summary of chapter 4. I noted on notbook but I will write in the PC and send it later. Chapter 4 was very interesting . It discrive personality those character's have. I am really appreciate for your kindness for giving me fun lesson. It's very exciting. Thank you.

She's friggin thanking me for giving her homework. But she seems to really like the lessons and her email made me feel good.

And my husband sent me pictures of him in a suit. And my husband looks great in a suit and it always makes my heart flutter to see him dressed up. Not bad for what is my Monday.


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Sallie said...

There's nothing quite so satisfying, as a teacher, to hear from a student that they are enjoying what you are giving them. Way to keep 'em on their toes!


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