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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Future

Well, it's official. I'm staying another year. When Mark was here we discussed it. After much emotional turmoil, situation dissection and talking until we were blue in the face we agreed it was the best thing for me. The second year will be sooo much easier. I will have all the lesson plans done. And I have the aparto pretty fixed up. That means there will be less costs during the second year. And with all the lesson plans in place I will have more time to take private students. Which means yet more money. Also this whole experience has been so good for my confidence. I've read enough blogs (and moved around enough) to know that the second year is not as exciting as the first. But that's okay. I just hope I don't implode when I sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" for the 1000th time. Mr. M. has been asking me for the last month "Have you decided to stay?". When I finally told him "yes" it was very anticlimatic. All he said was "I take you to Visa office in April". That's all he said. No "Oh, I'm very glad, the kids love you". No "Ah, what a relief. Here's a bonus." Not even a god damned "Thank you". He's such a putz.

So that's all the settled stuff. Now on to the still working on it parts of my future. The traveling. I have seriously been thinking of going to Thailand for "Golden Week" (beginning of April). I've ordered the travel book and it should be on arriving anytime now. The airline ticket ain't going to be cheap. But once you get there your money goes forever. As I recall the "Lonely Planet" website said to expect to pay $25 a day for medium range accomodations and food. I was telling Junko about it the other night and she asked if I was going alone. I said half heartedly "Yah, unless you want to come with me" She said "Okay". So now I have a traveling companion.

I have also been invited by a certain co-blogger to come visit her in the wilds of Shikoku. I really want to, but not sure if it can happen too soon. She's not exactly in a place I can get to visit just for the weekend. But I'm working on it!

And then there is the summer. Mark is hoping to come spend close to a month here in Japan. He's hoping to do a little professional colaborating while he's here, which doesn't bother me in the slightest. But mainly he wants to spend time with ME! And then the hope is that for my vacation week in August that we can fly to Amsterdam. Travel books have also been ordered for this destination. I'm so excited about all these plans I could just explode. Damn, life is good.


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