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Monday, January 30, 2006

Farther Afield

Yesterday I took a walk in my neighborhood with my camera and took some more photos. But today I got in my car and went for a wander. I went up north a little farther than Hamakita, which everyone knows is the edge of the world, and explored an unknown exotic town called Tenryu. I really had no plan, just figured I'd go there and see what there was to see. They had some highway signs up telling you how to get to this thing or that and one of them was to a folk art museum. Well that sounded perfect. Except the signs sort petered out and I never found the mysterious museum. Same with a shrine. But I found a couple of interesting temples and poked around there and took some more photos. I drove a little farther along and spotted another highway sign so I followed that - didn't exactly know what it was though. Turned out to be a highway rest area. But I did pick up a warm lemon drink and a couple of maps. But I was getting drowsy and the sky was getting gloomy so I headed home. Not exactly awesome, but I'm still proud that I expanded my horizons.


At 6:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely but the folk art museum needs to be found and pictures taken. Mum


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