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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Where's Natalie?

What? There wasn't a post yesterday! Something must be wrong with this blog's author. Maybe she was abducted by aliens (which would make her mother very jealous). Or could she have gone shopping in a hyaku yen shop and just couldn't get out again? Or did she join a tanuki worshipping cult? Or was it something more social, like going out and getting drunk? Or was she being industrius and preparing for classes or cleaning her aparto? Hmmm, that is probably the least probable suggestion yet. Well, I will make you wait no longer to find out the solution to the mystery.

I fell asleep. Apparently I was really tired, because within 30 minutes of arriving home last night around 6pm I couldn't keep my eyes open. I snuggled under the covers to rest my eyes a few minutes. That few minutes turned into 12 hours. So I know you were all devasted not to have a fresh blog update yesterday, so I will try not to fail you again my loyal public.


At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I considered all of those things and also the possibility that you had been kidnapped and sold into slavery. Nothing so prosaic as sleeping, but glad to hear you got some (apparently) much needed rest. Mum


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