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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Suzukis to the Rescue

Okay, I didn't really need rescuing. When trying to attach a new vaccuum bag to the vaccuum I realized that I had probably thrown away an important piece when I threw away the old bag. And as the old bag had already been picked up by the garbage guys I was quite out of luck. So I emailed Mikio and asked if he knew of a place where I could order a new one. He never heard of the maker of my little vaccuum so he decided to come take a look at it. And to show me how to work the gas heater. Yoko came, too. I think she just wanted to get a look at the aparto, as she had never been inside. Well, they went straight to the heater and started it right up. They were afraid of me freezing to death. Really. And they showed me all the various functions. Then they set to work on the vaccuum cleaner. They shortly declared that it was missing a piece (I told them that) and that this vaccuum was too old to be able to find parts for it. So Mikio gerryrigged it with a rubberband and now it's working great. And thank goodness they showed me how to use the heater. It's bloody cold today. It even snowed for a few minutes. The thermometer in the unheated part of the apartment is showing 42 degrees. Aaaah, but this room is nice and toasty. Three cheers for the Suzukis!


At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dear girl, you seem to have an entire staff at your disposal. How lovely. Mum


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