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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Everybody Wants to be Santa

These guys are great sports. I hand them a dopey hat, and they put it on. No questions asked. I'm thrilled that my 3rd and 4th graders were willing and eager, but when the Sony class jumped on board whole heartedly I was pretty thrilled. The Let's Go 2 class went great, as it always does. The improvement they have made so far just thrills me. Teaching them is not only a breeze, but a true pleasure.

My Sony class has had me worried. Attendance is significantly down, but I do have a few diehards. Let me introduce you to tonight's class. Starting in the back hidari to migi we have:

Sayaka - Her verbal skills aren't great, but she has great handwriting. Her greatest joy appears to be her car.
Ayako - Excellent verbal and written skills. Spends her free time studying English Grammar (baka - crazy) and improving her cooking skills. Husband has just left for China for 2 months and will be spending the holidays alone.
Kouji - Really tries hard even though he is quite abit behind the others. Spends his free time playing a form of mini-soccer and getting drunk with his friends. It amazes me how the Japanese will just say this sort of thing with no embarassment. Has never missed a class.

Front Row
Yasahito - Really great English comprehension, but has some difficulty with pronunciation. Not embarassed at all about his problems in English, which is really rather refreshing. His New Year's resolution is to take 20 strokes off his golf game. As he is pretty terrible at the moment it isn't an impossible goal. Self-proclaimed Treckie.
Toru - doesn't make it to class all that often, but he's a hoot when he does. He has 4 boys under the age of 7. He doesn't have time for hobbies.
Tatsuya - probably the least advanced student in the class, but not pathetic or anything. His New Year's resolution is to get a hobby so he can have something to talk about in class.

Give these guys a round of applause for being game to not only wear the silly hats, but to let me take their pictures.


At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Applause. applause. A nice interesting group. I printed the kid's pictures and the next time some old person shows me pictures of their grandkids, I'll whip out my pictures. (Actually these people are more likely to show you pictures of their dog.)Mum


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