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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Day of Not Seeing Monkeys

Mark and I have come up to visit our friends Tomone, Yuwen and their one-year-old Kei. Today our plan was to take Mark to see the monkeys at the Monkey Park. We set off this morning at a reasonable time. It was cold and brisk, but the sun was shining and we were excited. We had checked the MonkeyCam the day before and people were definately still visiting. We drove the hour to the turn off, turned off and were shortly met with a closed sign. Hmmmm? So Tomone went into the visitor center to find out the scoop. There is another way to drive there, but it is a longer hike in to see the monkeys. Well, okay we would go check it out. We found our way to the parking lot and sent a foray up to the trail to see if it was doable. Well, by the time I got to the trail I knew there little possibility I could go. Then when the trail said "one mile to monkeys" I knew it was no-go for me. I am just still too weak from the tonsilitis. I think everyone else was happy when I whimped out, so they could whimp out with impunity. We drove back by the restaurant that was recommended by the information center and had lunch. It was lovely to sit inside the all window restaurant and look out at the beautiful snow, while we were all nice and cozy. Then we returned to their place. Mark and I napped, and next we are gonna be served dinner. Let's face it, we spent a whole day not looking at the monkeys. I bet they didn't miss us.


At 1:13 AM, Blogger Ms.Hellfire said...

I just love your blog...It was on my google sidebar uner "webclips", since I am starting a new blog under a new user name concerning the 100th monkey, and have been searching with technorati and google blog searches to se if my blog has show up yet. Anyway. The life you are leading, and the bravery you display in your everyday life is inspiring...especially to a 37 yr old woman who has entertained ideas of running away to Japan for the last 3 years.Keep up the good work, and .....well...HOORAY(you officially have one more regualr reader)


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