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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

They Got It!

I spent most of my Sunday creating cutouts. These are just photo copies of various objects that I trace, color, cut out, laminate and then cut out again. Some that I did were to go along with the new book I had Mr. M. order me. It's Old MacDonald Had A Farm.

And I used these cut outs and the book with my dim bulb class (hey, I call'em like I see'em). And they got it!! They really got it!! It didn't come right away, but then one little boy caught on, and the wildfire of enlightenment whipped through them all. It was wonderful. And very gratifying to know that my hard work paid off. Yeah Team!


At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you really are creative. So the poor little dim bulbs finally saw the light. FEY

At 6:37 PM, Blogger Wallflower3 said...

Those kids don't know how lucky they are to have you. I wish there were more teachers in the states (or anywhere) that are as involved and excited as you. Do you realize that your face will probably be the image that represents America in their minds for the rest of their lives. If that doesn't motivate you to do your makeup in the morning, I don't know what will. That's it, I'm making a bumper sticker -
or how about
- but then you'll need a dumb nickname like SCOOTER.

At 8:08 AM, Blogger Natalie said...

Oh, isn't that sweet and delusional. But I am just not presidential material. Get past the fact that I'm a woman with no experience (although that might qualify me for a presidential appointment). We have two major stumbling blocks. I'm a vegetarian. Look what the cattle industry did to Oprah. And second I tell it like it is. I almost can't lie. We don't even want a president like that. The president should be adept at knowing what lies to say and what not. Of course the current pres doesn't even know when he is lying (which appears to be most of the time). As for a dumb nickname I had an older coworker who called me "Daffodil". Or my little brother use to call me "Lolly". I think either of those are dumb enough to get me that post in the VP's office.


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